Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Hi!! Lama x upd8 blog kan?? huhu.. mls laa.. mcm i ckp dulu.. bdk kecik dlm rumah ni buat i hilang idea nak tulis apa dlm blog.. hehehe...

it's okay.. today, like before... still jaga baby lagi.. so, i'll post stories on the next entry.. okay?

just for info, i am now 18th. meaning~~ i'm in form5 last year. and the next entry will be about my school's day.. about friends... literature.. and many more... ops! wait. literature?? what's up with that eh? well, english and bahasa malayu's literature for this year is new. and kids todays don't use literature books like the one we (chicken year kids) used. our english literature novel is The Pearl by John steinbecks(?) if i'm not mistaken.. i already forgot the name. it's okay, i'll check it tomorrow.

so, that's all for now. i'm doing great these days.... hahahaha..... see you on the next entry.

p/s : i'll be active from now on.. promise~ yaksukhaeyo..

butterfly lady,

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