Sunday, May 15, 2011


before, i've talk about U-Kiss. taday, i'll talk about new korean boy band = jeng jeng jeng~~~~

B1A4!!! kyaaaaaaaaaaa~!!!

let's see their picture first...


B1A4 is new korean boy band group.

# B1A4 (비원에이포) is a 5-member South Korean boy group under WM Entertainment. Group name stands for member’s blood type and it’s acronym for “Be The One, All For One.”

# B1A4 debuted on April 21, 2011 with their debut track 'O.K' off of their album 'Let's Fly' and released a music video

# They were first introduced to the world through the creative marketing of webtoons before their actual pictures were released

# Their debut album 'Let's Fly' includes a song written and composed by the leader Jinyoung.

# On April 18, MV teaser was revealed showing group’s cute concept.

# Soon after that on April 20th, MV for title song “O.K” was released and their official website was open providing full information about the group. They made their debut performance on April 23th.

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