Saturday, July 14, 2012


Hello~ it's been a while... :)

well, news? this--> BM230.

"Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Business Economics"
yeah.. no more Law. kinda happy for this but the deeper i dig into this NEW course, the more worry i am. :/ some people say this course focused on Math but it's more detail. meaning that it's not an ordinary Math. like Add Math in SPM. more Detailed!
so, this is what i'm going to learn. still, i didn't know which one is for Sem 1.

English, Co-curiculum, Third Language,
Business Law,
Information Technology in Business,
Financial Accounting,
Financial Management,
Principles & Practice of Marketing,
Principles & Practice of Management,
Quantitative Business Analysis,
Speech Communication,
Microeconomics Analysis,
Macroeconomics Analysis,
Statistical Methods,
Job Application Process,
Managerial Economics,
Monetary Economics,
Strategic Management,
Research Methodology,
International Economics,
Environmental Economics,
Business Forecasting,
Industrial Economics,
Issues in Economics,
Public Finance,
Labor Economics,

See??? you can guess it's require more calculation than reading by just looking at the name. for now, i'm searching for info about Third Language. my Lecturer before told me that Third Language isn't compulsory to take but if i take it, i'll definitely take Korean Language. well~ :) but i'm not sure whether UiTM include this language or not. So far, i only found Arab, Mandarin, Thai, France, Japanese. i found a web for discussing and they were discussing about this matter. THE THIRD LANGUAGE.

most of them say it should be better to take Mandarin Class since business nowadays are conquered by Chinese. hmmm, still need to think a lot about this.

this is what they say :

"aku ajar bahasa jepun, jadi aku sokong bhs jepun lah!tapi 4 minggu pertama kena kerja keras belajar tulisan hiragana,katakana dan kanji(maybe-atas syllabus tpt kou org).budak yang yang ambil bhs jepun dan blh score pd akhir sem. mmg atama ii(otak pandai)..walaupun agak susah pd mulanya tapi di akhir sem kou org dpt belajar banyak benda baru spt tulisan,sentence pattern, vocab & lain2...berbanding dgn org yg ambil france, jerman dll mrk tidak belajar menulis mcm bhs jepun.aku pernah dgr org belajar bhs jepun ini lebih pandai bercakap atau lebih cpt berkomunikasi dgn rakan2 berbanding bhs2 yg lain...jadi tepuk dada tanya selera! ganbatte kudasai!(all the best)"

"Employers are always saying, "Preferably those who are proficient in Mandarin", "Mandarin speaking candidates preffered"

"aku amik bahse jepon sem 1 lepas...giler besttt..wut esemen pon dah jadi cam dak tadika lak.. lukis2..kaler2.. seronokk...aku sukee :clap::clap::clap::clap:"

"amik Mandarin laa.. sbb skg ni company byk cina"

(this is the best answer among all of them) --->

"kalau boleh ckp arab, dah boleh cover middle east, kalau pandai Spanish dah bleh cover Europe,
kalau pandai mandarin dah boleh cover mesia ;) kalau pandai jepun, hanya cover jepun shj...
depends on the individual objectives. to me the more you know, the better you are.."

aaa.. molla. najung-ee ddo saenggakhae.

btw, let say GOOD LUCK to myself. GOOD LUCK! FIGHTING!!