Monday, March 26, 2012

UiTM Campus Kuantan

started with a freshies.

first class = Law A

dear housemates == A303 (2011)

fellow DAEBAK classmates on my last semester
= Law L

i didn't regret my decision. :) please be healthy and safe. :') till we meet again...

the last journey...

annyeong~ hey people..
:) i just finish my last paper = Global issue this afternoon. with that, i've end up my foundation in law in Campus Kuantan. well, now, it just a matter of time. i'll be back home to Keningau in a few more hours. i know it sound silly. i should hanging around with friends first before going home since it's my last semester here. but who knows, .. well.. i'm the one who took this decision. it's because of that some small misunderstanding i have with my fellow roommates.

but it doesn't matter now. what matter is the separation we'll experienced in just a few mre hours. i didn't feel the sadness part of the separation before till Suria came and say goodbye to me. she's been helping me a lot this semester. i do miss her since she's no longer my housemates. i wonder why do they change our housemates. i guess it will be much better if they didn't change it. :'(

well, what i want to say here is that separation can bring both good and bad. it will make you happy and sad at the same time. but it doesn't matter on how you separate. what matter is the memories you've got and made while you were there with that person. him.. her.. them.. memories will stay forever. but they'll disappear if you let them go out from your heart. keep it nice, safe and clean.

the distance will be either far or near. but it will never be the same with the situation when you were in the same place with the person.

well, for everyone who knows me, thanks a lot for this semester. i have a great days and memories with all of you. it might be bad or good. but it still a memory. please be happy and take care. insyaAllah we'll meet again at Shah Alam. :')

Saturday, March 24, 2012


reffering back to the tittle, CLOSE. what do i mean by saying CLOSE??
close... it has a general meaning.
actually, what i mean here is that a person who close to you. (past, present or in the future)..
have you ever heard of the saying " it feels good when a stranger become your friend but it sad if a friend become a stranger (suddenly) ".. i'm sorry. i can't remember exactly what the saying says. but the meaning is the same with the one i wrote.
well, as you know, i've lost my best friend on October 2011. it is a very sad and moment for me. i think that my whole life has been crushed into pieces. i don't think that she (my best friend at that moment) can understand well what did i feel and how her act effect my life at that time. i've been crying for 3 whole days. and it become more hard to me when i can't even told my mom the real situation about me and her. my mom knows her well and my mom is please for me to become friend with her. when mom ask me about her, i can't even speak because my tears will started to runs out. i try to hold back the tears and say to mom that she's okay. and then vooom~ i go straight to my room and ... cry.

once, i go to the road beside my home (it was a small(?) hill-like road) and cry there. i also say : 나쁜 놈이야! why did you do this?

then cry and cry and ... cry.

i don't know. i don't think i can tell the whole story about how bad my condition was at that moment. i just can't. i don't want to revall it ever. i don't want to feel the same sad and disappointed feeling again. ever.

what i want to highlight here is, the thing happen today. she mention me on twitter by saying "..... (??)" now what the hell does she wants from me again? if that person is reading this right now, i just want to say. you've made a big mistakes there. is that your way of saying hi to a person whom are now a stranger to you? and you also says : that i will be your friend forever. yeah. it's true. once a friend, he/she will forever be a friend. but i am no longer your best friend. and don;'t you remember what did you say last time? i don't think i even fit in your "FRIEND" list. i think that i am just someone you know. yeah. just someone you know. not even a friend. so stop pretending!

deep inside, i still wants that friendship to be back. but i just can't forgive you like that. i don't know. you want to call me, EGO? then be it. i don't care cz for me. i'm being ego because i've given up in every fight we had. so, i think it's your time now to start the move. 왜? 싫어? then be it. no one cares. you're the one who given up on us. (or me).

It's great when stangers become friends
But even sadder when those friends become strangers
We became friends and didn't even realize it
I trusted you and you trusted me
Now were like stangers to each other
But no matter what you'll always be my friend
Even if im not yours
It's great when strangers become friends
But even sadder when those friends become strangers

Sunday, March 4, 2012

hidup di Kuantan yang penuh cabaran

annyeong people.... :)

it's been a long time since i wrote. i've got time but i just don't know what to say. maybe cz i'm busy with twitter. hohoho.. btw, by reffering to the tittle Hidup di Kuantan yang penuh cabaran = a very Challenging Life in Kuantan, well, i'm here today just to share some stories behind my life in Kuantan. fyi, this is my first time living in a stranger's land i.e not in home with mom and sisters and brothers. i NEVER stay at the dorm in school. and i never live far frm family for more than 3 days. but well, since it's my first time here at Kuantan, i thought it was good and so far, i didn't get that homesick problem. 다행이다 :P

this is my s2nd semester i.e last semester here, at Kuantan as a student of Uitm (Foundation In Law). this sem was better. thanks to that "bestfriend" i got in Keningau. i am now trying so hard to study and alhamdulillah i can understand what is law actually. different from sem 1. i don't even know what i study and how to answer the question. i just answer it based on what i think is right. (do not copy me. im a bad student :P) but alhamdulillah i passed. :) (i know. it's a miracle =.= )

this semester, i had moved to A205 with the same roommates but different housemates.
it feels awkward at first but then it was okay. just okay. maybe it just me who feel like that but well, you can't stop me to think what i want. :P

along this journey on sem 2, we had so many activities like dinner, sports, campus day out etc. i'll talk abt the activities later.

well, i think i need to stop here. need to study economy tonight. my final exam is on 16th March 2012. wish me luck! :)