Monday, March 26, 2012

the last journey...

annyeong~ hey people..
:) i just finish my last paper = Global issue this afternoon. with that, i've end up my foundation in law in Campus Kuantan. well, now, it just a matter of time. i'll be back home to Keningau in a few more hours. i know it sound silly. i should hanging around with friends first before going home since it's my last semester here. but who knows, .. well.. i'm the one who took this decision. it's because of that some small misunderstanding i have with my fellow roommates.

but it doesn't matter now. what matter is the separation we'll experienced in just a few mre hours. i didn't feel the sadness part of the separation before till Suria came and say goodbye to me. she's been helping me a lot this semester. i do miss her since she's no longer my housemates. i wonder why do they change our housemates. i guess it will be much better if they didn't change it. :'(

well, what i want to say here is that separation can bring both good and bad. it will make you happy and sad at the same time. but it doesn't matter on how you separate. what matter is the memories you've got and made while you were there with that person. him.. her.. them.. memories will stay forever. but they'll disappear if you let them go out from your heart. keep it nice, safe and clean.

the distance will be either far or near. but it will never be the same with the situation when you were in the same place with the person.

well, for everyone who knows me, thanks a lot for this semester. i have a great days and memories with all of you. it might be bad or good. but it still a memory. please be happy and take care. insyaAllah we'll meet again at Shah Alam. :')

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