Saturday, January 21, 2012

안녕 people ~

it's been a long time huh. sorry, i was so busy - sleeping + assignment + classes. but most of it = sleeping of course. hahahaha... it's not that i'm being lazy or what. but, so many things happened lately and i don't have any close friend to share. what i have is just people who WANT to know. they don't really care actually. that's why i've been keeping it to myself.

so far, i'm okay. i still can handle it. well, by just being professional doesn't always make me feel better or what, it just make me feel more terrible at some times. you know what'll you be if you're being dishonest with yourself.

i'm not being someone whom others would want me to be. i was just being professional (for me). and putting some fake smile on my 입술. i know it doesn't work sometimes. but so far, no one realize it.

i didn't talk to my roommate like before. i just talk to them sometimes. i am sleeping almost all of the time. i was just awake at night. let them be. i know they were talking about me behind my back. but let just pretend they didn't.

well, sometimes... NOT KNOWING IS BETTER.

I've told them why i behave like that. i didn't told them exactly what happened. i just say that i've some problem, thus can't be cheerful or talkative like before.


2 days ago, i can't hold back my tears when i watch IY where their mother come and greet them. i missed my family so much. never felt like this before. i don't know. maybe it's because i have enough and family is the only source for me to be happy. ( i guess)

well, since me and Sahranie are no longer close as before. (which really breaks my heart) nevermind, i don't care anymore (really??)

i want to talk more. but i have something to do. i'll update later. 안녕!

힘네 야냐씨!!!