Wednesday, January 26, 2011

as time pass...

okay, apa agaknya kena mengena entri hari ni dgn tajuk di atas???
actually, xda kna mengena pun... i just dunno what to write.. then came up with that word.. hahahaha.. lol..

today is already wednesday.. wow! lama x update blog kn.. hohooho.. on9 hari2 tpi x update blog.. sorry.. it just, i'm not in the mood ( kot )..

let's talk about my monday and tuesday...

on monday, i was shock with the news abt heechul oppa.. ooo.. it's a shocking news. heechul oppa gets ( mad) or bored with the antis. thus, he started to attack them back. heechul oppa is AWESOME! muahhh.. love him...

i got the news from my friend's fb. actually, kebiasaan bila buka internet...---> first tab will be facebook, then twitter, youtube and majimak( in BI=last), blogger. okay, why did i open so many tabs?? bcz i hv fb account, twitter account .... everthg.

yes, i hv youtube account. but i'm not opening it bcz of my account. it actually bcz i want to see shinee yunhanam. the one yg i ckp dlm entri sblm nie. i was addicted to them. starting with hello baby. i love Onew!!! lol.

ok, i dah byk merapu nie. blik pd crita tdi. masa mula2 dpt news ttg heechul, hati dan otak dah mula berkecamuk. yg mana hati, yg mana otak pn i dah konpius. tgn dgn pantas mencari seberapa byk maklumat yg dpt ttg news tu. until i satisfied, bru i stop.

alright, thats happen on monday. on tuesday pulak... jeng..jeng..jeng... ada jgk yg jadi tw.. kali nie ttg my Onew. hahaha

i alrdy 4got where did i found the news. onew was attending the star sport. and then he had a bad fall. perkataan 'bad fall' tu yg buat mata i t'buntang skit. Onew oppa nie dah balik2 jatuh. atas pentas, jgn ckp la.. byk kali dah. kali nie, jatuh jgk, cuma bkn atas pentas.
oo.. my poor Onew. please get well soon.

isnin dah blalu. slasa jgk... oneul, obseo~ nothing hot news came up when i on9. so, i'm quite happy. i just hope, onew will be fine. yea, fine, healthy and always happy...

love his smile!!!

butterfly lady,

Sunday, January 23, 2011

bangun dr mimpi..

what? tomorrow already monday ka???

butterfly lady,

salam di malam hari..

malam ni hujan... sekarang ni pun masih hujan lagi.. nothing interesting today. ( really)
last night, i don't hv a chance to hv a shuteye. even a sec. i'm drown with shinee world. hahahaha.... i'm watching the yunhanam video on Utube. it's interesting. (very interesting).. i'm envy to see the unnies.. how lucky they are.... sigh~

Onew is my fav member. it's really tough to see him with the unnies.. hahahaha... the vid is actually uploaded on 2010. but i think the show is aired on 2008 since onew is 20 that time. and their hit was noona neomu yeppeo. the show was done based on their hit.

sigh~ sigh~

my brain lost for a while. otteokhaji? waegurae?? kapjagi wae?? aiigoooo~

butterfly lady,



Saturday, January 22, 2011


i'm not going to write much. it's hard to do so. cause i hv to write hangul from other website to paste it here. this laptop don't hv hangul words.

난 서야나.
아~ 진~~~짜...
지금, 뭐는고야?
내가 친구야.. 지금 오디가?? 너무 보고싶어...

oh gosh.. that's all.. its tiring.
i'll just romanize the hangul word.. also can.....hehheeheh

nan seoyana amnida.
jigeum, na jiruhaneyo. chincha..
khemane. na jeongmal khemane. hahahaha..
aaa~ ottokhajo...
na chincha khemanhaja.



yeah.. i'm back... !

i'm getting more energize! hahahahahaa...
before i started my hangul entry ( like i promise before) i would like to share this one to you. i got it from my friend blog. and now, i'm answering the question....

name :

sister (s) :
-Norsimah Atiqah

brother(s) :
-Mohd. Firdaus
-Ahmad Zulkhairy

shoe size :
-err.. not sure. 6... 7 (??)

height :
-161 cm

where do u live :

*have u ever....

been on a plane :
-no. but i'll make sure i will someday.

sleep at school :
-yes. smetimes if i'm bored with the teacher's teaching

broken someone's heart :
-no. i guess. i never been in such relationship.

sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call :
-yes. and it's stupid!

saved emails :

what is your room like :
-gorgeous. hahahaha

what's right beside you :
-my pillow and a wall.

what is the last thing you ate :
-rice + curry. mom-made.

*ever had...

chicken pox :

stitches :

broken nose :
-broken no. but bleeding, yes. once. only once.

do you blieve on love at 1st sight :
-yes. er... no... er.. maybe.. never happen to me so far.

do you like picnic :
-depend on the place.

last person you dance with :
-my sister and little brother.

last made you smile :
-watching Family Outing chnel 393

*today did you...

talk to someone you like :

get sick:
-yes. a flu. the temp is dropping.( i guess)

miss someone :
-yes. everyday.. hahahaah

who do you really hate :
-hypocrite person.

do you like your handwriting :

are your toe nails painted :

whose bed other than yours that you rather sleep in :
-no one's.

what colour shirt are u wearing now :
-colourful. blue, green, white, yellow, purple.

are you a friendly person :
-i guess.

do u have any pets :
-i hate this questn my pets are all dead now. i want to hv one again.

do u sleep with the tv on :

what are you doing right now :
-typing the answer.

can u handle the truth :

are you close with your father or mother :
-not really.

do u eat healthy :
-not really. :)

are you confidant :
-i am.

5 things i had done 10 years ago :
-be alone.
-getting mad.
-knock someone out
-meeting new friend.whom i dislike.
-enjoying my time

5 things i would like to do if i be a millionaire :
-make my dreams come true
-open an orphanage
-have my own pet shop
- that's all..

5 of my habits :
-touching my hair.
-bitting my lips.
-write(as long as there is a pen and paper)
-watching people
-i don't know the rest.

5 places i've lived :
-tent. hahahaha
-my aunt house

do u think u're hot :

when was the last time u ate pizza :
-2 years ago. present from my sister for getting good greds. hahahaahaha

the last song u listen to :
-hello - shinee (from my friend blog)

what are u doing beside this :
-thinking. again.

what name u prefer besides yours :
-seo yana. mika chan.


no matter what....

eventhough i'm not in the mood.. but, still.. ( bored makes me want to click2 this keypad)..
let see.. what to do..~

o.. part 2 about my cats will i cont later on..

now, let's talk abaut my fav bands (?).. actually, i'm not that kind of band-lover(?).. i just love the music.. all kind of music (except the loud one).. but, one evening... around June 2010.. i saw this one pict of a guy looking damnly cute! ( in my friend facebook) that time, i don't know his name.. just saw it sepintas lalu.. hahahaha.. why am i saying all of this?????

alright.. let's cont the (his)tory. i then go and try to check out who that guy is...
this is his pict.....

hahaah... i know you already know who this is.. pity me. i really don't hv any idea who he is...

he's one of super junior member.. he is lee donghae. from that moment, i become seriously addicted to k-bands (only super junior). not bcz of donghae. but it is bcz of their song, and background..
likewise, one of my friend also crazy abt this korean boyband. so, that's how i got info abt suju. i bcome suju's fan. just like my friend.

on march 2010.... my older sister already show'em to me.. it's the bonamana MV and...... em, i forgot the other one. but i'm not interested.. i should highlight this. i'm not korean fans before. i usually just ignored anything regarding korea. i guess korea is not in my life-dict. hahaha..

but then, after suju entering my life, it all change.. suddenly.
i figured out that korea is not a bad or %$#@ thing. it's,,,, well good (for me). i started to learn the basic of korea which is to write and read hangul. and hell yeah.. im good now. even better.

i'll write in hangul next entry.. promise..

okay. i better stop. maybe i'll cont later. urgghhh i'm getting bored. damn!

here's super junior pict.....

member : leeteuk (leader), heechul, shindong, donghae, ryeowook, sungmin, yesung, eunhyuk, siwon,kyuhyun.

+ 3 : kibum, kangin, hangeng.

love the remaining 10. protect the missing 3.


Friday, January 21, 2011

let's get it started!!

okay, first, we'll begin the story about my cats. ( i miss them badly! )
i've got so many cats (before). so, i'll just pick randomly to start.
okay, first... lets take a look at my little ( not so little now) Shan Junhao ( aka JUNO)

oo..juno.. i miss you~ bogoshipeo.. neomu bogoshipeo~
she's lost to nowhere last year. ( she's pregnant at that time).

okay, stop! let's take a look at my other cats...
after this, we'll take a look at all juno's kids...( so far)

this is Chelsea... Juno's daughter.. this pict is taken at the same day with the above pict.. and you know what, they both are pregnant this moment...

chelsea have four kids...

(2 white, 1 black, 1 stripes)

but, the stipes one couldn't make it..( he died) poor little kitten..he was still so small...
but the three still survivie till about 3 or 4 months.. the white one ( paeppy) also following his siblings( Stripes don't hv name. i dnt hv chance to give one to him. lets just call him, Stripes)

there are 2 white kitten. one is paeppy.. the other is keakky... keakky is the most active kittens out of those three...

she's adorable!

peappy is quite emm.. 'inactive'(?) kitten.. i guess she's sick and that's why she dead.. bogoshipeo~

o yea.. almost forgot.. chelsea already hv one kids( the only one survive). i named her........ ngia-ngia..

now, before we jump in to Juno's kids.. we'll first enjoy the pict of peappy, keakky and noname pict...


* we'll cont later.....