Friday, May 11, 2012

AirAsia AK5103

ya, sekali lagi kita bertemu wahai tanah di seberang. dan kali ini juga kerana terpaksa. terpaksa menyelesaikan sesuatu yang harus dan wajib dimatikan di noktah itu juga.

yeah people. i'm going back to Kuantan for a few days for some reason. i'm not going to play there for sure. just gonna settle down my business there. with something called 087. (only Law student know what it is).

Father had bought the ticket and i'm going to FLY there (again) this Sunday morning. and the 087 will be held on Monday at 9am. and yeah, i've something disturㅠing my mind, soul and body. i'm going crazy just thinking about it. you know that the 087 will started at monday which is just 2 days from now. but i haven't review anything about it yet. (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!) no i;m not. i'm being serious now. i am. :/

why is this happening? i don't know. 저두 모르겠어요. aih~` i'm dead for sure if i keep on being like this. i must force myself to do it even though i know my mind wouldn't want to do it.  well, YOU control your mind. not YOUR MIND control you. so yeah. i will. wish me the best. :)

i realize this IS my second chance and i can't ask for more after this. bcz the second chance has been given. and if i didn't make it, i can't ask for more chances. and yeah, i don't think i deserve the second chance. i don't think everyone deserve it cz there's always a reason why you messed up on the first chance.

i should be grateful, i know. well, GTG. TTFN(ta ta for now)