Tuesday, July 26, 2011


annyeong readers + stalkers... hehe.. today, want to share some picture of super junior comeback teaser. well, there's a rumor said that the album's name will be RAINBOW. so, suju will have colourful hair (?).. 응?? 네.. 알았어.. me too... but i don't think so laaa.. we just have to wait till the album is out..

okehh.. here comes the pictures..

1. Eunhyuk

2. Donghae

3. Leeteuk (he look different right? )

4. shindong

5. sungmin (cute!)

6. Kyuhyun (WOW!)

7. Ryeowook

8. Yesung (omo~~ igeo joha hahaha)

so far, this is what SM allow us to see.. we'll wait for the other members to come out.. wonder how siwon and heechul will look like.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

pict source @allkpop.com

FYI, the album will come out on 3rd august. Anticipating huh?..

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

1 week holiday

hi there~~ stalker or reader.. who ever you are, thanks for visiting this not so popular blog~ hehe..

em, story-morry now, we are having a one week holiday. mid sem break. i wish i can go back to sabah. to keningau. to home. to my room. sigh~~ everyone are getting ready to go back home. but me, still stuck here. with another roomate. (she also didn't go back) well, because of that, we are going to spend our 1 week holiday in our gorgeous home = A303. hihihi..

emm, my mom called me and ask me to visit my uncle in Jengka. well, at first i didn't wanna go due to financial problem. but then, i am forced to go (due to some inner problem. cz i need to travel to some place if i can't be at the beach. hihi.. that's me. i need to go somewhere to wash away my inner tears and my emptyness (?). huuu~ dunno.. it's hard to explain.

i know it's kinda boring to read such a long writing. so, i'll just post picture after this.

okay, i'm in the bus now. going to Jengka. one night only. will be back tomorrow. ow yea, i almost forgot. i have two HOT(?) story to tell. aish, i'll tell you later. in my next post. okay, goodbye for now..

anyeong. thanks for dropping by. :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Test I & II

assalamualaikum~~ knock..knock.. :D

okay, i've finish both my test. 1. CTU (more to agama laa.. ) and 2. CSC (more to computer knowledge) well, not really hard. and it was fun answering both the test. hopefully i'll got good marks on it... last night, i'd study CSC till 6am.. woo~~~ i don;t know why. but i just can't sleep that night. and that force me to stay up, well, what else to do, studying.

for the ctu, the question is quite similar with tassawwur ( my extra subject in SPM). and yeah, i guess i've answered it err.. not really correctly, but well.. yeah.. i've answered it the way i want.(?) hahaha...

today, i just have 2 classes. 1. CSC (test) 2. legal research (this one is more to research in law)
and both classes today was fun (not really actually).


o yeah.. i still didn't say about my personal problems with some of my classm8 eh?? emm.. nevermind...talk later.

the thing that i want to highlight here is, whenever i think about my class (classm8 especially), i really want to go home(back to sabah) but when i'm in our dorm,(with housem8) emm.. so far, my housem8 is just doing great. then, i don't really want to go back home anymore.

hmm.. let's me explain, maybe it was because, i miss my H.Sea friends. hafiza, shakilla, erma and sahranie. jinjja bogoshipeo.....:(

and another thing is that, next week, we'll having and i'm stuck here! maybe that is another reason that make me hate (?) to be in class. surrounded with people who doesn't appreciate things around them. well, not all. im sorry to say this, but i'm not saying all of them. just a few. so sorry~

maybe my classmates also can see clearly that i'm changing.

yeah people change every second, dear.

that's all for now. no EMO-EMO tonight. just enjoy last week before holiday. and i wish i can go to the beach this holiday. i need some fresh air and refreshing places.


Sunday, July 10, 2011


야!! 나 찐짜 행복해~! ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ.....

actually... i finally manage to change my keyboard to korean. hehehe. and now i can write hangul without the help of internet. well, you know, the website that i usually used whenever i want to write korean. wait, i'll give the link.

for those who wish to write hangul but don't know how to because your keyboard is still in US style, try this link...

it's a really good site. try it..

that's all i want to tell. i want to study now. seeya!


hi! hello!

lama x upd8 blog.. haha.. hampir dilupakan blog ni after smpi kat pahang ni kan.. sory beb~

okeh.. first, agak kecewa jgk sbb xda satu pict pun yg aku ambik msa kat jengka dlu. tym orentasi tu. huhu :( dgn rumet pun xda. :(

xpa la.. it's ok.. now, im in kuantan, pahang. (uitm).
doing my foundation of law. yepp~ LAW. no more science.. huhu... my boyfriend chemistry=annyeong. jaljine...

i'm hoping to enter matriculation actlly. but sigh~ what to do. it's okay. i;ll do my very best here.
doing more and more reading. yah, jinjja shirheo..

here, we're living in some kind of apartment laa.. have 3 rooms. each room occupied with 5 person. (actually 4, but because of our huge number of students this year, then it has to be 5 in a room). but, it's fun! having 5 in a room means, more fun. alhamdulillah, so far, no fight2 in room or house. just nice and clean.

i still don't have personal pict of mine and this home and my housem8. so, i'll upload it after i get it. deal?

now, we already started our learning process. and we'd given load of assignment. hahaha.... i manage to finish one of it this evening. it is sir ikmal's assignment. law 012 = introduction to law 1. the assignment is to summarize two article. one is given by the lecturer. another one, we have to find it in newspaper. i've finished both in about 2 hours only. kekekeke.. i hope what i've done is good enough.. hehe

ok. done with story abt my assignment. we'll cont later on Journey to Pahang.


*waving then bow