Wednesday, March 30, 2011

joking around :P

okay, sorry lama x update blog. i malas laa.. bdk kecik dlm rumah ni slalu kacau. hlg idea i trus. hahahaha... okay, spti yg dijanjikan , we'll start with one of the topic that i've list before. so, what do u think?? should i go with 'my friends'.... naaahh~ still too early to talk abt that.. let's go with smthing crazy first. DELTA'S COUPLE. attention, this isn't for real. i'm just playing around. hehe... jgn marah2 yee.. i'll just post a pict abt us. ow yeah.. i forgot, delta is my class.. no, our class. full with crazy people. haha.. kidding! we're at first was like emm.. what to say... emm... err.... next time i tell..

we'll start with double couple.

from left, ed gibson, vivian, jashwan(eh mcmna spelling nama dy nie?) a.k.a JLo, and sherrilyn

azmira shafika and badrul

the perfect couple, badrul and pius. xD

yg ni ntah mcmna ni.. jeffson and radi irfan.

our bio teacher, sir roger and cheryline

again, our bio teacher, and refa.

this is JLo and pika

fihi and nisa

aww, what r u doin'?? jeffson, shahrul and radi irfan

JLo and ed gibson.

butterfly lady,

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


it's already late. actually, i was just about to make new post. but never mind. (i'm watching sukira). so, i'll be posting new post next time. sigh~

next entry will be about my school's day. gidariyo~

next entry will be one of this :

1. first class.
2. first history.
4. Friends.
5. my teachers

butterfly lady,

Monday, March 21, 2011

Semak SPM result. kini semakin MUDAH!

i baru jer lalu-lalang kat laman lelabah nie tadi. dan i jumper artikel nie.

Semakan Keputusan SPM 2010 Melalui SMS

okeh.. kepada SPM candidates yg tengah resah menunggu result tu.. rilek bro, rilek sis,... tawakkal.. doa banyak2.. insyaAllah result okehh jer..
okay, jom kta menyelam dalam tajuk kat atas yg kaler merah tu..
ye adik2.. abang2.. kakak2...
KEPUTUSAN SPM kini dah boleh semak pki SMS. hebat kn! canggih~ fulamak~~~
cara nak semak, senang jer...

SPM SEMAK (no ic) (angka giliran) dan hantar ke 15888.

Setiap semakan dicaj RM 0.35. Semakan bermula jam 10.00 pagi (23 Mac 2011) hingga 11.59 malam (30 Mac 2011) atau mungkin juga ditamatkan pada hari yang sama.

jadi, kawan2 yg seangkatan tentera dgn sy, kiter dah boleh semak keputusan SPM pki SMS. i should highlight this, Semakan Secara SMS Ini Adalah yg pertama kali dibuat. jdi, kire kiter la yg merasmikannyer..

lastly, berdoa byk2 yer kengkawan.. i hope kiter sumer dpt result yg gempaks! amiin~~~
tentukan arah tuju kiter slps nie dgn bijaksana. jgn nti ter-ambil jln yg slh. sbb kiter dah tak boleh putar balik masa yg kiter dah guna.. ok?? pray a lot!


butterfly lady,


here's something to share with you. well, it just something to do to those sms-liar. those who hv been reveived sms saying that you win something, whether it's cash or not, DO NOT BELIEVE IT RIGHT AWAY. i repeat, DO NOT BELIEVE IT. the one that we call was.. emm,i guess from INDON (if you listen very carefully the 'slang', you'll know it was indonesian). sorry, indonesian.. i didn't mean to say bad thing about you guys. but this man, is BAD. REALLY BAD. jinjja nappeun namja..


butterfly lady,

Friday, March 18, 2011

19 MARCH 2011

SS3 malaysia!! gosh~!!!

super junior, hwaiting!!
to those who will go to the concert, please do not harm any of the member.
do not throw things at them.

butterfly lady,

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hidden in The box


Kenape ade sesetengah orang sentiase nak lebih? tak cukupke semue yg Tuhan dah bagi? kenape masih nak rampas dan dengki dgn aper yg orang lain ader? hmmm... patutker LEEYA jg jadi pmpn mcm c VOLDEMORT tu? tapi, LEEYA tak sekejam diyer yg sanggup merampas kebahagiaan temannyer sendiri.

Dulu LEEYA + VOLDEMORT kawan baik. tapi, LEEYA tak sangker pulak yang VOLDEMORT tu !@#$. Dah ramai org cakap ttg keburukan VOLDEMORT. tpi, LEEYA tak cayer. tpi, skrg?! baik sgt ker diyer tu? itu yg dikaterkan kawan?? Musuh dlm selimut!! sanggup diyer rampas kebahagiaan LEEYA! LEEYA betul2 tak sengker diyer sekejam tu!. LEEYA benci diyer!

Hr ni, LEEYA takder bercakap langsung dgn LANA. huh! yer.. mmg LEEYA masih marah dgn diyer. LANA tak pnh hargai LEEYA walau sikit pun! LANA terlalu pentingkan diri sendiri!


LEEYA + DEWI??? hmmm.. boleh jgk tu. DEWI pun dulu pnh rapat dgn LEEYA jgk. Cumer, mungkin DEWI tak suka dgn LEEYA. LEEYA kn pelik sikit.. tapi, takpe laa.. aper yg penting, LEEYA happy dgn hidup LEEYA. psl kwn tu, siapa2 jer blh jd kawan. LEEYA malas nak sibukkan diri fikir psl hal tu semua..


PACAR?? well, tak tau lah.. maybe we'll be fine again.. mcm dulu.. emm, i guess laa..
RIYO?? ahh, 4get about him!
KIM? we're always okay. tadi pun jln togeder2.. hhehe
DEWI?? okay.. she's fine.. tak mcm dulu lg...ada perubahan..


pagi nie hujan lebat. jam dah menunjukkan pukul 6.40 pagi. tpi, kelas masih lengang. lebih kurang pukul 6.45 baru lah kawan2 yang lain datang. kelmarin, LEEYA ada b'cakap dn b'tegur dgn LANA. tapi, look like LANA still need time to make herself alright again. i think laa...LEEYA ok. my life is better now. tak la serabut mcm dulu.

p/s : rekaan semata-mata.. tiada kena mengena dgn yg hidup mahupun yg sudah mati.

butterfly lady,

Monday, March 7, 2011

Super Junior’s Heechul receives hospital treatment for his facial injury

Super Junior’s Heechul was hit with an LED board while performing at the “Super Show 3” concert in Shanghai, and it’s being reported that he visited a hospital immediately upon his return to Korea.

Because the injury happened the day before Heechul was to celebrate his sixth year anniversary, fans expressed their disappointment with the turn of events.

On the afternoon of March 6th, Heechul had tweeted, “After this wound, I hope that not once, ever again, will anything fly towards the stage. I’m not hurt, glad, mad, or happy.”

His friend Defconn also tweeted, “Our Space Big Star Hee-nim! It’s his sixth anniversary today since he’s debuted!! Injured on such a joyful day T_T Please RT and hope that he gets better quickly!

A representative of SM Entertainment spoke with Star News on the morning of the 7th and revealed, “Heechul’s face was scratched by an LED board a fan threw to him as a present. Immediately upon his arrival in Korea, he was taken to a hospital in Seoul. Thankfully, his examination results proved that it wasn’t a serious injury.

The representative added, “Because of the wound under his eye which cannot be covered by makeup, Heechul will not be able to attend the recording for this week’s “The Night’s Shining Memories.” Heechul himself was reported to have been upset at not being able to participate.”


Kim Heechul Injures His Eye At 'Super Show 3"

Super Junior Shanghai fans were left worried as Kim Heechul's eye was injured after getting a sign thrown at him in their "Super Show 3" concert.

Fan account revealed a careless fan had thrown a sign at Heechul which caused him to bleed.

The sign clearly did its damage on Heechul, as he suddenly stopped performing and walked off stage where he then was taken to his hotel room to rest.

Though Super Junior are no strangers to getting injured on stage, this comes only a month after Heechul's car accident.

source :


Super Junior in Another Car Crash

Heechul, Leeteuk, Shindong and Yesung have been involved in yet another fan-related car crash in Shanghai.

After completing their 'Super Show 3' performance in Shanghai, the boys were on their way to the airport to return to Seoul but were followed by dozens of fans in their cars. This resulted in a rear-end collision.

This follows a similar fan-related car accident in Singapore on January 29th.

Members and fans are in shock from the incident. Fortunately, no members were injured and they all managed to return safely to Seoul.

source :

My Kind of Boy

okay, i got this from my friend's note in her fb. let just share it..

1. Do you need him/her to be good looking?

= not really.

2. Smart?

= as long as he's not babo, that's enaough for me.

3. Preferred age?

= not too young or too old.

4. Preferred height?

= 170 - 180

5. How about sense of humor?

= mush have. compulsary.

6. How about piercings?

= NO.

7. Accepts you for who you are?

= of course.

8. Pink hair?

= just his original.

9. Mushy or no?

= no.

10. Thin or fat?

= average.

11. Skin colour?

= white??

12. Long hair or short hair?

= long. but not too long.

13. Plastic or metal?

= metal sounds good.

14. Smells good?

= yes.

15. Smoker?

= NO! eukhh~

16. Drinker?


17. Girl/Boy-next-door type?

= doesn't care

18. Muscular?

= maybe.

19. Plays piano?

= plus guitar and violin would be better. :)

20. Plays bass and/or acoustic guitar?

= acoustic

21. Plays violin?

= if he can. could be good.

22. Sings very well?

= very.. very.. well

23. Vain?

= NO

24. With glasses?

= don't care.

25. With braces?

= don't care.

26. Shy type?

= sound good to me

27. Rebel or good boyl?

= good boy

28. Active or passive?

= active

29. Tight or bomb?

= dunno.

30. Singer or dancer?

= both

31. Stunner?

= no..

32. Hip-hop?

= a little bit.

33. Earrings?

= no.

34. Mr/Ms. count-my-ex-girlfriends-until-you-drop?

= NO

35. Dimples?

= if he has it. fine

36. Bookworm?

= not really.

37. Mr/Ms. love letter?

= errrr... dunno

38. Playful?

= yes

39. Flirt?

= nope!

40. Poem writer?

= don't care

41. Serious?

= not really

42. Campus crush?

= i hope not.

43. Painter?

= don't care

44. Religious?

= 100%

45. Someone who likes to tease people?

= don't care.

46. Computer games geek? Or internet freak?

= no

47. Speaks 20 languages?

= depends

48. Loyal or faithful?

= both

49. Good kisser?

= hehe :))

50. Loves children?

= a must.

butterfly lady,

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm Sorry But Your My Bestfriend

I am sorry for what I did
I forgive what you have done
The truth is I miss you..

Remember all the laughs we have together
Each day I pick up the phone to call you
but i just can't
because of that fight I cant recall

Don't you remember?
All the teachers who yelled at us for talking
the insides jokes that we laughed our heads off with
and the gossip & rumors we made=]

I told you we will be best friends forever
And I plan to keep that promise
I've done things I didn't mean
and you hurt me by what you've done also

Just trust me on this
I'm sorry..~

We seem so far apart now
Which is something I don't want to happen
You were my best friend
& you cannot deny it

If you don't accept this
then I understand

but one thing 4 sure,
you will not be forgotten

this isn't mine. thanks google search.

butterfly lady,