Wednesday, March 30, 2011

joking around :P

okay, sorry lama x update blog. i malas laa.. bdk kecik dlm rumah ni slalu kacau. hlg idea i trus. hahahaha... okay, spti yg dijanjikan , we'll start with one of the topic that i've list before. so, what do u think?? should i go with 'my friends'.... naaahh~ still too early to talk abt that.. let's go with smthing crazy first. DELTA'S COUPLE. attention, this isn't for real. i'm just playing around. hehe... jgn marah2 yee.. i'll just post a pict abt us. ow yeah.. i forgot, delta is my class.. no, our class. full with crazy people. haha.. kidding! we're at first was like emm.. what to say... emm... err.... next time i tell..

we'll start with double couple.

from left, ed gibson, vivian, jashwan(eh mcmna spelling nama dy nie?) a.k.a JLo, and sherrilyn

azmira shafika and badrul

the perfect couple, badrul and pius. xD

yg ni ntah mcmna ni.. jeffson and radi irfan.

our bio teacher, sir roger and cheryline

again, our bio teacher, and refa.

this is JLo and pika

fihi and nisa

aww, what r u doin'?? jeffson, shahrul and radi irfan

JLo and ed gibson.

butterfly lady,

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