Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm Sorry But Your My Bestfriend

I am sorry for what I did
I forgive what you have done
The truth is I miss you..

Remember all the laughs we have together
Each day I pick up the phone to call you
but i just can't
because of that fight I cant recall

Don't you remember?
All the teachers who yelled at us for talking
the insides jokes that we laughed our heads off with
and the gossip & rumors we made=]

I told you we will be best friends forever
And I plan to keep that promise
I've done things I didn't mean
and you hurt me by what you've done also

Just trust me on this
I'm sorry..~

We seem so far apart now
Which is something I don't want to happen
You were my best friend
& you cannot deny it

If you don't accept this
then I understand

but one thing 4 sure,
you will not be forgotten

this isn't mine. thanks google search.

butterfly lady,

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