Monday, May 9, 2011

Interview. CHECK!

Hi all~~ today i've done with my interview. it was all okay.. i'm not nervous at all. hahahaha... yeah.. really.. jinjja-yo~ na kojitmal anigotten.. jinjja~ ginjang anieyo. hohohoho...

i make new friends there. a big kumawo for JURIATY, BRYAN, and RITA. keu chingu ttaemunnae, na ginjang anieyo.. because of them, i'm not feeling nervous at all. thank you~ :)

the interview was going well (for me) i don't know the interviewer perspective laa... hope i can pass it. hehehe....

for my new friends, thank you. a big thank you~~ <3

unfortunately, i didn't ask for their number, email or fb.. huhu, mianhada~ :(

nevermind, klu ada rezeki, kita jmpa jgk blik tu~

that's all for now, i'm currently watching 49Daya in ONE HD. so, i can't talk more. see you later~~~ bye :)

butterfly lady,

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