Monday, May 9, 2011


Today, we'll talk about this Korea Boy-band = U-Kiss... it's one of my fav boyband too.. my bias is Kevin and Dongho.. i'll introduce them to you,

Kevin (this isn't the latest one)

Kevin (the latest pic of him)
but he dye his hair with new colour now..

Dongho (source:his twitter acc)

Dongho (again~~ cute) hihihi

the first U-Kiss song i heard is Sikkeura (shut Up) and the i just spotted dongho in that song. cause he look like a 7 year old boy.. (so cute!) i even told that to my mum. :P

(Shut Up) sikkeura = U-Kiss

their latest album is 0330. (belive me, 0330 is DAE..BAK!!)

Let me introduce the members first..

above (left) : AJ, Soo-Hyun, Hoon

bottom (left) : Kiseop, Dongho, Kevin, Eli

that's all for now. will be talking more about U-Kiss later.. annyeong~~~

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