Tuesday, May 10, 2011

jalan-jalan suka hati.

Hi!.. HellO! Annyeong~~

today's entry is about Hang out with Shakilla.. ow, i still didn't introduce my friends eh?? emm.. later i will.. today, we went shopping for matriculation preparation.. well, i'm not. cz i still don't know which one should (WILL) i go later. it is bcz, i have this two choices. and yes. ajik.
1. Matriculation
2. asasi undang-undang(uitm)

well, i'll discuss abt this later with my parents.

ops, why did i say this now? it's not the main topic eh?? lol

okay, back to the story, today, my dearest friend, Sahranie goes back to Kota Kinabalu. (to her ahjumma-ga jibe) so, it just the two of us (me n killa). emm.. it'll be more fun if all five of us can hang out again.. just like before.. emm.. i can't post the pict yet.. but i will post it later..

i'm home at 5.30 pm. wow! dae~bak! hahahaha... and again, we're not taking bus. cause if we are, i'll be home at 6pm! kyaaa!!! matii laaa...

emm,, what else eh? that's all for now laa... bye..

Buterfly lady,

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