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The Pearl :) shake it bebeh~~~ :P

Hi alls~~~ remember my last post about English literature?? emm.. some people ask me, what's up with that topic?? well, actually here, in Malaysia we've change our books with new one.. OUR (my age; chicken year kids) using 'The Pearl' by John Steinbeck as a novel for form 5. even our form 4 text books is not used by kids today..they have new books. and hell yeah~ the story is more exciting and fun! but, still ours are DAEBAK! hohoho...

so, today, im gonna share with you about 'The Pearl' (yg mati-matian kitorang bljr dgn mummy Azlin)..

OK, shijak~ (let's start it now)
ops.. forgot to say, i'm just going to write based on what I've been learned last year.

let's start with the synopsis of the story.
the pearl is a story about a young North American Indian man, Kino. (he's the main character) Kino has a wife name Juana (read as 'H'uana) and a son, Coyotito. they lived in a brush house (if i'm not mistaken) in a Mexican fishing village. Kino is a Pearl Fisher. (you know what it is right? well it's a work that required people to dive into the sea;deep into the sea to find a pearl and then sell it so that they can have money to buy food)

One day, his son, Coyotito had been stung by a Scorpion. Kino and Juana go to the doctor in town to seek treatment for their son. However, the doctor refuses to treat him because Kino don't have money to pay for the treatment. ( the doctor is the bad character here) he even say to Kino "Have I nothing better to do than cure insect bites for 'little Indians'? I am a doctor, not a veterinary" (he's cruel huh..)

Kino is really angry with the doctor. the doctor refused to treat his son just because they have no money! so, Kino goes pearl fishing, hoping to find a pearl that would pay for his son's treatment. in the meantime, Juana puts a poultice made of seaweed on the sting where Coyotito was bitten. Later, Kino (luckily) gets a BIG pearl (as big as a seagull's egg). he then started to dreams of changing and improving his life and his family after he sells the Pearl.

Later, people in the town started to hear the news about Kino getting a BIG pearl. then, some of them are going (want) to fool him to get the pearl. for example, The pearl buyer all get together to cheat Kino by buying the pearl at a very low price. Kino then refuses to sell the pearl. because he knew that they are fooling him around. he know that with that BIG pearl, he can gets a very high price if he sell it. The doctor and the priest are also have their own plans on the pearl.

and also, there are others who want to steal the pearl. Juana realizes that the pearl can bring bad luck to their family. she then try to throw the pearl back into the sea. but, Kino caught her and took back the pearl.

after that, Kino kills a man who tries to steal the pearl. Kino's house is also burnt and his canoe been destroyed. then, he realize that in order to save his and his family life, he need to bring his family out; far from the town. then, with the help of his brother , Juan thomas, they escaped to the North ( i'm not sure about this). but, they've been followed by a tracker on horse-back and two others on foot.

When Kino is trapped in the mountain with his family, he decided to kill the trackers. unfortunately, one of the trackers accidentally shoots and kills Coyotito.

for the ending, Kino and Juana return to La paz with their dead baby, Coyotito. They silently walk to the water's edge. Kino puts the rifle down ( he got it from the trackers) then takes the pearl and flings it into the sea.

so, that's all. the pearl is a very interesting story. it shows student about family unity. this novels shows the value of love, support and respect in a family. for example, Juana who is a very supportive wife. she still follow wherever Kino goes even though she know Kino was doing wrong things just to save the pearl.

well, that's all for now, we'll be saying more about this novel later.
goodbye.. yeoleobun annyeong~~

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