Sunday, May 15, 2011

Done with knitting

YEAH~!!! i'm done with sis's snowcap. hohoho.... i'll post it the pic later. emm, tonight, need to pack up my thing.

getting ready to Pahang.


aish, igeo jinjja. i shouldn't talk about it. it's make my mind empty. blur. babogatchi.

nae chingu-ya~~~ @ jaljine~~ annyeong~

hmm,going to miss my gorgeous room.. aish~ why did i talk about this now?? this isn't the title of the post eh? babo~. aish jinjja...

okay back to the topic. i've done with the snowcap. (yellow snowcap) just like what my sis want. i'd promise her i'll give it to her this friday. well, my flight is on friday - 11am.

okay, then, i'll just post the snowcap later... :)


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