Tuesday, April 12, 2011

majlis anugerah pelajar cemerlang. (cemerlang ker??)

last night, my friend @Azmira Shafika Mohammad Azman text me. saying that Mr H want us to send our pic to him. et et.. wait, jamkanman, i'm not finish yet.. we need to send our pic to be use in slideshow this saturday. well, not all student need to.. just a few.. the nomanies are SHERMAINE,ZIELA(me), SYAZWAN, NINA,HAFIZAH,AZMIRA SHAFIKA,RICHARD,NORZALILAH, JEVELEN,FRANCESTA & SHAKILLA.

so, i am here to give our picture.. :P

dear people, those who wants to give their pic themself to Mr H.. please do so.
hehe... sy bg apa yg ada ja nie...

dear Mr H,
i hope these pic can help you...

thanks! :)


miss Shermaine ( i know you already gave it, but i just miss you.. hehehe)


me myself (NORAZIELAH; cehh huruf besar konon~ ) @Ziela Nora


Misz Nina (esehh~) @Nina Otie HoneyBee


Nur Hafizah (comel kan .. kkkk) @FiZah FaeZah


Jevelen ( J~~~!!!) @Jevelen Ann Jami


Francesta (pipie~~ congrats, dear) @Fwencyesta Ppyie


Shakilla @Kiella Scarlet

think i should stop here. for the other, i bet they already give their pic. and for zalilah, syazwan, n richard.. i dont hv their pict. eobseoyo~ mianhae~~

keurom, jalga~~ annyeong~~

butterfly lady,

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