Wednesday, January 26, 2011

as time pass...

okay, apa agaknya kena mengena entri hari ni dgn tajuk di atas???
actually, xda kna mengena pun... i just dunno what to write.. then came up with that word.. hahahaha.. lol..

today is already wednesday.. wow! lama x update blog kn.. hohooho.. on9 hari2 tpi x update blog.. sorry.. it just, i'm not in the mood ( kot )..

let's talk about my monday and tuesday...

on monday, i was shock with the news abt heechul oppa.. ooo.. it's a shocking news. heechul oppa gets ( mad) or bored with the antis. thus, he started to attack them back. heechul oppa is AWESOME! muahhh.. love him...

i got the news from my friend's fb. actually, kebiasaan bila buka internet...---> first tab will be facebook, then twitter, youtube and majimak( in BI=last), blogger. okay, why did i open so many tabs?? bcz i hv fb account, twitter account .... everthg.

yes, i hv youtube account. but i'm not opening it bcz of my account. it actually bcz i want to see shinee yunhanam. the one yg i ckp dlm entri sblm nie. i was addicted to them. starting with hello baby. i love Onew!!! lol.

ok, i dah byk merapu nie. blik pd crita tdi. masa mula2 dpt news ttg heechul, hati dan otak dah mula berkecamuk. yg mana hati, yg mana otak pn i dah konpius. tgn dgn pantas mencari seberapa byk maklumat yg dpt ttg news tu. until i satisfied, bru i stop.

alright, thats happen on monday. on tuesday pulak... jeng..jeng..jeng... ada jgk yg jadi tw.. kali nie ttg my Onew. hahaha

i alrdy 4got where did i found the news. onew was attending the star sport. and then he had a bad fall. perkataan 'bad fall' tu yg buat mata i t'buntang skit. Onew oppa nie dah balik2 jatuh. atas pentas, jgn ckp la.. byk kali dah. kali nie, jatuh jgk, cuma bkn atas pentas.
oo.. my poor Onew. please get well soon.

isnin dah blalu. slasa jgk... oneul, obseo~ nothing hot news came up when i on9. so, i'm quite happy. i just hope, onew will be fine. yea, fine, healthy and always happy...

love his smile!!!

butterfly lady,

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