Sunday, January 23, 2011

salam di malam hari..

malam ni hujan... sekarang ni pun masih hujan lagi.. nothing interesting today. ( really)
last night, i don't hv a chance to hv a shuteye. even a sec. i'm drown with shinee world. hahahaha.... i'm watching the yunhanam video on Utube. it's interesting. (very interesting).. i'm envy to see the unnies.. how lucky they are.... sigh~

Onew is my fav member. it's really tough to see him with the unnies.. hahahaha... the vid is actually uploaded on 2010. but i think the show is aired on 2008 since onew is 20 that time. and their hit was noona neomu yeppeo. the show was done based on their hit.

sigh~ sigh~

my brain lost for a while. otteokhaji? waegurae?? kapjagi wae?? aiigoooo~

butterfly lady,

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