Saturday, January 22, 2011


yeah.. i'm back... !

i'm getting more energize! hahahahahaa...
before i started my hangul entry ( like i promise before) i would like to share this one to you. i got it from my friend blog. and now, i'm answering the question....

name :

sister (s) :
-Norsimah Atiqah

brother(s) :
-Mohd. Firdaus
-Ahmad Zulkhairy

shoe size :
-err.. not sure. 6... 7 (??)

height :
-161 cm

where do u live :

*have u ever....

been on a plane :
-no. but i'll make sure i will someday.

sleep at school :
-yes. smetimes if i'm bored with the teacher's teaching

broken someone's heart :
-no. i guess. i never been in such relationship.

sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call :
-yes. and it's stupid!

saved emails :

what is your room like :
-gorgeous. hahahaha

what's right beside you :
-my pillow and a wall.

what is the last thing you ate :
-rice + curry. mom-made.

*ever had...

chicken pox :

stitches :

broken nose :
-broken no. but bleeding, yes. once. only once.

do you blieve on love at 1st sight :
-yes. er... no... er.. maybe.. never happen to me so far.

do you like picnic :
-depend on the place.

last person you dance with :
-my sister and little brother.

last made you smile :
-watching Family Outing chnel 393

*today did you...

talk to someone you like :

get sick:
-yes. a flu. the temp is dropping.( i guess)

miss someone :
-yes. everyday.. hahahaah

who do you really hate :
-hypocrite person.

do you like your handwriting :

are your toe nails painted :

whose bed other than yours that you rather sleep in :
-no one's.

what colour shirt are u wearing now :
-colourful. blue, green, white, yellow, purple.

are you a friendly person :
-i guess.

do u have any pets :
-i hate this questn my pets are all dead now. i want to hv one again.

do u sleep with the tv on :

what are you doing right now :
-typing the answer.

can u handle the truth :

are you close with your father or mother :
-not really.

do u eat healthy :
-not really. :)

are you confidant :
-i am.

5 things i had done 10 years ago :
-be alone.
-getting mad.
-knock someone out
-meeting new friend.whom i dislike.
-enjoying my time

5 things i would like to do if i be a millionaire :
-make my dreams come true
-open an orphanage
-have my own pet shop
- that's all..

5 of my habits :
-touching my hair.
-bitting my lips.
-write(as long as there is a pen and paper)
-watching people
-i don't know the rest.

5 places i've lived :
-tent. hahahaha
-my aunt house

do u think u're hot :

when was the last time u ate pizza :
-2 years ago. present from my sister for getting good greds. hahahaahaha

the last song u listen to :
-hello - shinee (from my friend blog)

what are u doing beside this :
-thinking. again.

what name u prefer besides yours :
-seo yana. mika chan.


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