Friday, January 21, 2011

let's get it started!!

okay, first, we'll begin the story about my cats. ( i miss them badly! )
i've got so many cats (before). so, i'll just pick randomly to start.
okay, first... lets take a look at my little ( not so little now) Shan Junhao ( aka JUNO)

oo..juno.. i miss you~ bogoshipeo.. neomu bogoshipeo~
she's lost to nowhere last year. ( she's pregnant at that time).

okay, stop! let's take a look at my other cats...
after this, we'll take a look at all juno's kids...( so far)

this is Chelsea... Juno's daughter.. this pict is taken at the same day with the above pict.. and you know what, they both are pregnant this moment...

chelsea have four kids...

(2 white, 1 black, 1 stripes)

but, the stipes one couldn't make it..( he died) poor little kitten..he was still so small...
but the three still survivie till about 3 or 4 months.. the white one ( paeppy) also following his siblings( Stripes don't hv name. i dnt hv chance to give one to him. lets just call him, Stripes)

there are 2 white kitten. one is paeppy.. the other is keakky... keakky is the most active kittens out of those three...

she's adorable!

peappy is quite emm.. 'inactive'(?) kitten.. i guess she's sick and that's why she dead.. bogoshipeo~

o yea.. almost forgot.. chelsea already hv one kids( the only one survive). i named her........ ngia-ngia..

now, before we jump in to Juno's kids.. we'll first enjoy the pict of peappy, keakky and noname pict...


* we'll cont later.....


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