Saturday, January 22, 2011

no matter what....

eventhough i'm not in the mood.. but, still.. ( bored makes me want to click2 this keypad)..
let see.. what to do..~

o.. part 2 about my cats will i cont later on..

now, let's talk abaut my fav bands (?).. actually, i'm not that kind of band-lover(?).. i just love the music.. all kind of music (except the loud one).. but, one evening... around June 2010.. i saw this one pict of a guy looking damnly cute! ( in my friend facebook) that time, i don't know his name.. just saw it sepintas lalu.. hahahaha.. why am i saying all of this?????

alright.. let's cont the (his)tory. i then go and try to check out who that guy is...
this is his pict.....

hahaah... i know you already know who this is.. pity me. i really don't hv any idea who he is...

he's one of super junior member.. he is lee donghae. from that moment, i become seriously addicted to k-bands (only super junior). not bcz of donghae. but it is bcz of their song, and background..
likewise, one of my friend also crazy abt this korean boyband. so, that's how i got info abt suju. i bcome suju's fan. just like my friend.

on march 2010.... my older sister already show'em to me.. it's the bonamana MV and...... em, i forgot the other one. but i'm not interested.. i should highlight this. i'm not korean fans before. i usually just ignored anything regarding korea. i guess korea is not in my life-dict. hahaha..

but then, after suju entering my life, it all change.. suddenly.
i figured out that korea is not a bad or %$#@ thing. it's,,,, well good (for me). i started to learn the basic of korea which is to write and read hangul. and hell yeah.. im good now. even better.

i'll write in hangul next entry.. promise..

okay. i better stop. maybe i'll cont later. urgghhh i'm getting bored. damn!

here's super junior pict.....

member : leeteuk (leader), heechul, shindong, donghae, ryeowook, sungmin, yesung, eunhyuk, siwon,kyuhyun.

+ 3 : kibum, kangin, hangeng.

love the remaining 10. protect the missing 3.


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