Sunday, July 10, 2011


hi! hello!

lama x upd8 blog.. haha.. hampir dilupakan blog ni after smpi kat pahang ni kan.. sory beb~

okeh.. first, agak kecewa jgk sbb xda satu pict pun yg aku ambik msa kat jengka dlu. tym orentasi tu. huhu :( dgn rumet pun xda. :(

xpa la.. it's ok.. now, im in kuantan, pahang. (uitm).
doing my foundation of law. yepp~ LAW. no more science.. huhu... my boyfriend chemistry=annyeong. jaljine...

i'm hoping to enter matriculation actlly. but sigh~ what to do. it's okay. i;ll do my very best here.
doing more and more reading. yah, jinjja shirheo..

here, we're living in some kind of apartment laa.. have 3 rooms. each room occupied with 5 person. (actually 4, but because of our huge number of students this year, then it has to be 5 in a room). but, it's fun! having 5 in a room means, more fun. alhamdulillah, so far, no fight2 in room or house. just nice and clean.

i still don't have personal pict of mine and this home and my housem8. so, i'll upload it after i get it. deal?

now, we already started our learning process. and we'd given load of assignment. hahaha.... i manage to finish one of it this evening. it is sir ikmal's assignment. law 012 = introduction to law 1. the assignment is to summarize two article. one is given by the lecturer. another one, we have to find it in newspaper. i've finished both in about 2 hours only. kekekeke.. i hope what i've done is good enough.. hehe

ok. done with story abt my assignment. we'll cont later on Journey to Pahang.


*waving then bow

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