Friday, June 10, 2011

new Life New Surrounding New People

Hi!!!! lama x upd8 kan~ hahah.. ni pun pki laptop rumet.. alamak~~ why?? emm,, keugae, nae laptop-eui jinjja babo-ya. huh! benci i.

okay, shijak! (yeah opkos, hangul xkn dilupa)

let's start with UiTM Jengka, tmpt orentasi bermula.
hmm, at first okay la.. awal2 dah ada kwn. (aku kn byk ckp skit, so, senang skit begaul dgn org)
we, the asasi student just been there for a week. just for the MDS. then we'll move to UiTM Kuantan. our real and the real university.
the one and only problem there is about my rumet laa.. err,, dunno what to say. well, keu rumet-eui jinjja isanghada. jinjja.

kwaenchanha, dah blalu pun tu.

okay now, i want to say about my life here, in kuantan...

first, about my rumet or housemate?? first person i get to know here in this house is iQa.
but at last, i rapat dgn rumet i Tengku Intan Adlina. (iQa pun rumet i jgk)

but then, smtg happen n i mula rsa lainl. so, ... err... keumanhagoo.. i should stop now. i'll tell later.

bye, annyeong~~

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