Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Test I & II

assalamualaikum~~ knock..knock.. :D

okay, i've finish both my test. 1. CTU (more to agama laa.. ) and 2. CSC (more to computer knowledge) well, not really hard. and it was fun answering both the test. hopefully i'll got good marks on it... last night, i'd study CSC till 6am.. woo~~~ i don;t know why. but i just can't sleep that night. and that force me to stay up, well, what else to do, studying.

for the ctu, the question is quite similar with tassawwur ( my extra subject in SPM). and yeah, i guess i've answered it err.. not really correctly, but well.. yeah.. i've answered it the way i want.(?) hahaha...

today, i just have 2 classes. 1. CSC (test) 2. legal research (this one is more to research in law)
and both classes today was fun (not really actually).


o yeah.. i still didn't say about my personal problems with some of my classm8 eh?? emm.. later.

the thing that i want to highlight here is, whenever i think about my class (classm8 especially), i really want to go home(back to sabah) but when i'm in our dorm,(with housem8) emm.. so far, my housem8 is just doing great. then, i don't really want to go back home anymore.

hmm.. let's me explain, maybe it was because, i miss my H.Sea friends. hafiza, shakilla, erma and sahranie. jinjja bogoshipeo.....:(

and another thing is that, next week, we'll having and i'm stuck here! maybe that is another reason that make me hate (?) to be in class. surrounded with people who doesn't appreciate things around them. well, not all. im sorry to say this, but i'm not saying all of them. just a few. so sorry~

maybe my classmates also can see clearly that i'm changing.

yeah people change every second, dear.

that's all for now. no EMO-EMO tonight. just enjoy last week before holiday. and i wish i can go to the beach this holiday. i need some fresh air and refreshing places.


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