Tuesday, July 19, 2011

1 week holiday

hi there~~ stalker or reader.. who ever you are, thanks for visiting this not so popular blog~ hehe..

em, story-morry now, we are having a one week holiday. mid sem break. i wish i can go back to sabah. to keningau. to home. to my room. sigh~~ everyone are getting ready to go back home. but me, still stuck here. with another roomate. (she also didn't go back) well, because of that, we are going to spend our 1 week holiday in our gorgeous home = A303. hihihi..

emm, my mom called me and ask me to visit my uncle in Jengka. well, at first i didn't wanna go due to financial problem. but then, i am forced to go (due to some inner problem. cz i need to travel to some place if i can't be at the beach. hihi.. that's me. i need to go somewhere to wash away my inner tears and my emptyness (?). huuu~ dunno.. it's hard to explain.

i know it's kinda boring to read such a long writing. so, i'll just post picture after this.

okay, i'm in the bus now. going to Jengka. one night only. will be back tomorrow. ow yea, i almost forgot. i have two HOT(?) story to tell. aish, i'll tell you later. in my next post. okay, goodbye for now..

anyeong. thanks for dropping by. :)

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