Monday, February 7, 2011

mungkin hanya sebentar cuma

*my knitting ruined ( i ruined it myself. bcz i don't like it.) don't worry. i'l start all over again. no probs.

pagi tadi, omma dapat call dr kakak sepupu. bgtw ttg halmeoni. halmeoni masuk hospital. halmeoni-aa.. please be healthy. sarangaheyo...
omma, balik labuan terus petang tdi. together with my dongsaeng. i hv to takecare of my nephew, that's why i cant follow omma to labuan. a bit sad ( actually a lot of disappointment).

well, i'll pray for her . halmeoni, please be healthy......... please.. jebal aa.. naega halmeoni butakhae~

abuji will operate tomorrow. well, not really tomorrow. but he need to be there tomorrow. around 9am.

i'm alone now. abuji just came back from menumbok. he's in the room now. rumah jadi sepi tanpa suara dongsaeng. ( tu la. masa dongsaeng ada, kau tak layan... haa.. hambik kau..)
i' currently knitting. (still). actually it almost done. but i messed it up. joahae shirheo. it's too big. so, i want to start it all over again.. aa... chincha himdeuroooooo... omo~

*omma onjega wasseo? nadu molla. maybe omma will be there for a few days. means= i'll be omma here. kkkkkkk.... aish, chincha.. keundae, kwaenchanha. na hwaiting! esehhh...

butterfly lady,

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