Sunday, February 27, 2011

knitting for chingu

Chunky Scarf

okay, i do not own this pattern. i got it from purlbee. someone i know from twitter. it's a nice pattern. thanks purlbee. (and google image) :))

this is for my friend, Aechan. i hope she'll like it. i'm not finish knitting it yet at the time i took this pict. ( but now, already done. just looking forward to give this to her)

**aechan-aa~ igeo.. niga seonmul-aa..kkkkk.. neo joha???

my sister said it looks like hello kitty. becz of the ribbon i guess..
actually, i was now looking for red colour knitting thread. cz for me, red is err.... what to say, gorgeous color (?). don't know. but yeah, i would like to see it in red. i bet it'll be more daebak!

okay, i don't hv much time to talk about this scarf since i hv to babysit my nephew. i'll talk later.
daaa~ anyeong~~~

butterfly lady,


  1. yaa~is it the scarft?
    igeon bolasaegiya~
    na joha~ 고마..

  2. jinjja? hehe.. can't wait to see it on you.
    uri kkumi isseoyo.. let's go to hangul!!!!hamkaehaeyo~~