Friday, December 2, 2011

the first move

hello there~ yo~~ way too long for me to take a break and forgetting those thing right? 좋아~ i'm better now..

well, my 2nd semester here, at UITM has started. they said this semester will be the toughest. thus, i need to do my very best to survive.
o ya! i've enter a new class. i left LawA and enter LawL. hohoho.. together with my roomate. well, that new class is better. and i am being myself. instead of pretending to be someone that everyone will like (when i'm in lawA)

it's alrdy our 3rd week here. and there's a lot of assignment to do. but so far, i'm doing fine. kkkkk

GTG! will updates more later~
안녕~ :)

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