Monday, December 19, 2011

Sudden Update! TEST! TEST! TEST! 화이팅 가자!!

let's summarise what i've read just now. it was CTU (Islamic Studies). topic 3 = The Concept of Knowledge.

A. ---------> what is Knowledge

knowledge come from the word 'ilm'. (derives from the word ulama, allama, ta'lim) literally means : to have knowledge.

from what i called phylosopher (?) Plato and Aristotle, knowledge means......

PLATO : KNOWLEDGE is obtained through rational thinking while BELIEF is
obtained through senses. (*i.e religion)

ARISTOTLE : Real world is only what are observant. THUS, all observable things are
consider as the object of knowledge.


knowledge is TRUTH----------> *FITRATULLAH (the nature of ALLAH, creation and
phenomena. knowledge is obtained through reasoning and experienced.

B --------------> SOURCES OF KNOWLEDGE

1) RATional- O.o.k comes from human mind

** sources are i)rationality ii)reasoning iii)contemplating

2) REAList - O.o.k comes from observable things

** sources are i)experiences >senses > empiricism

3) Islam - O.o.k comes from truth aka fitratullah

** sources are => RATionalist + REAList = REVealation

that's all. i'll cont read after this. so far, still understand but the sources of knowledge are a bit confusing. i'll try to memorize it. :D insyaAllah...


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