Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lie(s) and a Liar

why do you have to lie? you're dissappointing me.

for those who called themselves FRIEND (which clearly shown they're not) one advice for you : if you want to fooled somebody,make sure that somebody didn't figure it out. cause once they do, you're a dead meat for sure.

keurae, not knowing is better. but once you know the 'should not be known' thing, you definitely will pissed off.

i have so much to tell here. not because i want to show the bad side of you. it just something that a normal person will do. you make that as an excuse to escape, right? then i'll use that to tell you this thing too.

please, feel free to fooled me. but, you got caught this time. now, you have no where to run. u should just give up. but clearly, you don't!

plus, you still with your pretending game. PLASTIC!

hell know that i'm really mad at you.. you've been here the whole week but you still pretend that you never come back.

do you know what makes me more upset? because i've waited for you the whole time. but you didn't.

you make me look like a fool.

is that your real intention? am i that easy?

oh no no no.. i've prove to you, i'm not that kind of person you think i am. i am way~ better than you.

you make mistakes and you should be apologize for it!

well, let's see what you gonna do after this. you SUCK if you still pretend!

(it's me) your BEST friend!

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