Wednesday, August 10, 2011

time's fly and running

SALAM readers~ hi..

sedar tak sedar.. sudah hmpir 3 bulan sy di sini kan.. di tempat yg dulunya dianggap asing dan merbahaya.. kini semakin familiar.. dan mungkin agak enjoy dgn keadaan dan suasananya. even though this place doesn't have the speciality of sabah.. still, it was a big and fun and exciting moment with these people. some are good and some are bad.

im not denying that sometimes i feel stress here. tapi, kadang-kala, bila terkenangkan rakyat jelata A303, terus relief. everything gonna be okay. as long as you are happy di rumah. well, i miss my gorgeous room. sigh~~

bulan 10 masih jauh dan jarak perjalanan masih panjang. onak dan duri juga masih banyak yang perlu ditempuh. harus bersabar menunggu detik kembali ke home sweet home. semoga masa berlalu pantas tapi efektif. (jenis bahasa apa la yg sy sedang guna ni???)

i don't know what to say. i am now lying in my "2nd floor" bed. with the light off cz my other housemates are already drown in their own dreams.. kekekeke

haih~~~~ so empty inside.

trying to be normal but instead i myself feel sick with me being like that. hence, i go back being myself. alhamdulillah.. so far, i still can survive. though the PLANET is now like a war.. but, i must be patient. there's only about 1 month and a half to go. then i won't be here anymore. im going to move to another PLANET. hopefully much better than this.

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