Wednesday, August 3, 2011

think you know about friendship??

hi there~~ i almost forgot about this blog. hihih.. well, 여깄어, 시가는 없어요~.. chewaaa~~
how are you today?? good?? just doing fine?? better?? well, whatever your condition are, i hope u will be happy. and ALWAYS be happy. well, eventhough something bothering your mind, feel free to watch any comedy show or any variety show that will make you smile (again). those will help a lot. i promise. i've try it before. and it's work. it does help me a lot to get over my stress time. and frustrated mind.. try it.. :)

okay, back to the main point (eleh, actually there's no main point pun; saja ja mo menaip) well, i just visited my 친구 sahranie's blog ( it's touching me when she wrote something bout me. well, i miss her like crazy! we're far apart now. and yes! i MISS her! i need her right now.

my friend here isn't like her. it's hard to find someone that knows you and can accept you just the way you are. sigh~ i've already found the biggest and PRECIOUS thing in the whole world which is hard (very hard) to get. BEST FRIEND + S. but sigh~ they're too far from me. i can't even reach them. sometimes i feel like want to cry. i miss them~ :(

best friend(s) isn't someone you can just pick and say "owh she's/he's my best buddy" without knowing who you are and who she/he are. it something that require time and heart. not just two heart. the more heart you know, the more heart get to know you. and the more heart you will get as a friend. it's not just something written or something to say. it's something you can feel.

(ouh,k am i a lecturer?? )

my intention at first is to say about K-Pop. which is suju. but now the main topic is about friendship. well, ~~~ people change~~ :P

okay.. it's not only sahranie @ 한애찬. i've got more. there are 5 of us. me, sahranie, hafizah, erma and shakilla. i miss them all. i'm close with sahranie bcz of.. emm.. there's no reason.. it just because sahranie herself!

it's hard to find someone that trust you, know how to handle you (well, im a bit err... what to say hard?? harsh?? ) but sahranie know how to control me. and that was DAE~BAK! i feel small when im with her. eventhough in others eyes, i am someone who are standing with my own feet, who don't need others to success, who don't care about other who want to step in my way.. etc..

i DO miss her a lot. especially these days.. where i need a lot of support from people around me. thanks to Allah, because HE lend me and my chingu, some time to spend before she back to hostel. well, she supposed to go back to hostel on sunday (31st july 2011). but then she told me, she'll be back on 6th august. yeah~ that's a long period of time. i miss the time where we were on our computer, tweeting some crrazy stuff. well, that was before.. hmm, after we finish our SPM exam. while waiting for the result. and now, life has to go on. we were all going to our own way. but still we're are tied with the friendship status. i hope we'll be like this forever.

it's not just the two of us. i'll story-mory about the others next time. now, i think this post is long enough. hehe..

sahranie.. bogoshipeo~~

H.Sea , they are my girls. i love them.

with love,

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