Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Keningau, Sabah.

Annyeong People~~ :D

so here i am... peace at home. a real home. the one i called "HOME SWEET HOME". my flight back was on 27th March 2012. i arrived the airport at around 7.30 (i guess).. My dear friend, Dayang Nuru Shukani was waiting for me. aigoo~ mianhae chingu-ya... she's

been at the airport since 5.30 cz she thought my arrival was around 6. 아이고~~ 진짜 미안해~ ㅠㅠ.. she brought me a 선물 (gift she bought at Jakarta on their holiday a few weeks back) i approach her first and didn't even realize omma and Dongsaeng-deul were there too. xD well, to make it short, i arrived at home at 10pm. fuhh~ a 12 hours journey from Kuantan (at 8am) till Kampung Bayangan (at 10pm). but it was fun though. a really amazing journey.. :) i was alone. there was none of UiTM students with me either in the bus nor at the terminal. 나 진짜 혼자에요.
I arrived at KL (Pekeliling) at noon and waiting for my cousin to pick me up and send me to the airport (KLIA). it was really awkward. LOL. cz i'm alone + with all the bags that i need to watch and stay safe. xD then, i took a picture since it was my last day in KL as a student of UiTM Kuantan Foundation in Law. InsyaAllah, if Allah wants it, i will be pursuing mt degree in law. insyaAllah. i'll try my best. :)

arrived at Pekeliling.

it was fun and Daebak to be with family again. with Omma and Dongsaeng-deul. people, Love your family and stay healthy :D

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